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Yes, it is hard to listen to Jackson and believe he has a hidden side of violence.

I saw the results of the last violent attack on my niece, and there is no spin of fancy which will erase my shock and disdain for someone who would beat her up. The press is trying to make more out of this than there really is, and it's unfair, not just to Browne, but to us. Joni Mitchell referenced Browne beating up Hannah in a song of hers.

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives"You tell yourself you're not my kind / But you don't even know your mind / And you can have a change of heart"A final, desperate plea caps one of the most exhilarating bridges in rock and roll history.

Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy is the highly anticipated follow-up to his internationally acclaimed album, I Love You, Honeybear.We were stoned when they told me that, and for some reason, I remember everything I ever heard when stoned.Victims often recant -- here's her stepdad:"I am Haskell Wexler, Daryl Hannah's uncle. I was with her in the hospital, I saw the ugly black bruises on her eye and chin and on her ribs.Photo by Tom Hill/Wire Image"Hold me in your hands like a bunch of flowers / Set me movin' to your sweetest song"That chill running up and down your spine feels so good when it's the blush of sweet, sweet love.Photo by Ed Caraeff"There are women and women / And some hold you tight / While some leave you counting the stars in the night"Contemplating a human mystery as vast and eternal as the night sky.

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The album will be released April 7th on Deluxe 2x LP / 2x LP / CD / DL / CS in Europe through Bella Union and the rest of the world from Sub Pop.

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