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Irish John36 seemed to be a bit more of a gentleman, and I hadn’t danced with anyone yet, so I stood up from my chair and clicked on irish John36′s avatar to bring up a list of animations I could perform with him. Very soon, a nimbus of guys appeared around me, as irish John36, “Photographer”, and others started punching, kicking, and dropping anvils on each other, leaving me at the center of a vortex of virtual testosterone violence. Are the designers of Lively sending some sort of subliminal message here? That was when irish John36 suggested we find another scene to try to dance.

But a recent leak from an online chat room owned by Nyberg reveals Nyberg’s disturbing past.

Breitbart has obtained the full archives of all logs, leaked by citizen journalists over the past year.

The logs have been dissected by amateur sleuths on You Tube, such as “Leo Pirate,” whose video on the subject had attracted nearly 70,000 views as we went to press.

Well unfortunatly I would've had this up by now but stupid copyright meant i had to take off the first song completely, (I UPLOADED IT TWICE ALREADY!!! get ready with the pause button if you're a slow reader because it goes FAST. (Hermione's party) Thanx to Luv Ron From HP for inspiring me to make this series.

And if your wondering where the inspiration came from for the poison... in the poems we had to do(Laboratory by Robert Browning)..

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