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Date with a trajectory towards marriage There is no reason for Christians to date without the intention of marriage, according to Powell.

"Dating with a trajectory towards marriage means dating with a purpose.

Youth minister and Christian writer Frank Powell believes it is important for Christians to be equipped with the right mindset before going on the dating field, and this is why he prepared 10 rules to enable couples to achieve "Christ-centered marriages." In an article for Charisma News, Powell shared: 1.

Stop Looking for 'the One' Powell said "the one" does not exist because God did not set up marriage as a "divine lottery where every person has one winning ticket." "Look, marriage isn't as much about finding someone totally compatible as it is about committing to someone despite difficulties and differences," he says.

In this chapter we’re going to look at the godly way to find a husband or wife.

We’ll contrast the modern dating culture with godly dating practices.

” Better advice when dating someone would be, “listen to the counsel of others,” or “seek to be wise in your relationships.” These phrases aren’t as cool or as much fun as “follow your heart” but in the end they will lead you to much more joy and fulfillment. From the beginning of time men and women have tried to enter into some sort of dating relationship “casually.” Where the relationship “wasn’t so defined” or where “they were just going to take it day by day.” In the end, 100% of the time, these “casual dating configurations” leave somebody hurt, because one person is more committed to the relationship than the other.

Dating doesn’t exist to have someone that you can hang out with or “make out” with on the side, dating is designed for the pursuit of marriage.

The Solution: Try using that age as a "review" age."'The one' says you need to find the perfect person.And discovering one flaw means it's time to move on.Dating is a serious game and one that you should enter into with prayer and with humility.Any time someone else’s heart is in your hands that is a huge responsibility and you should never seek to use another person in order to fulfill your own desires.

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