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Chris Evans outraged by neo-Nazis saluting Trump's victory The former couple started dating in May 2016 and made the relationship public in June at the premiere of Slate’s film "The Secret Life of Pets.” "I haven't really had a large premiere before, so it's nice to have someone who knows how it goes," she said.‘The Secret Life of Pets’ has animal magnetism: Review Just a few weeks ago Slate — who was featured in hit series like "Parks and Recreation" and "Girls" — gushed over her then-beau. It’s been a long day, and then I got stuck in traffic for, like, forever. I’d probably have got more steamed up if I was behind the wheel, but it’s oddly easier to take when you’re just the passenger. So we just hang out in the brief moments we can, and it takes away a lot of the strain. It can’t always be about the actors having fun — it’s about making the movie. To make it look like you’re fighting, a lot of the time, you actually have to fight, and going up against these other big guys, and knowing you’ve got to properly fight one another, that can be scary. Is it true that you had to go into therapy before beginning work on ?

films, used to date Jessica Biel, and we were expecting him to be someone who loves life; a man who high fives anything and everything, who uses the word ‘awesome’ as a verb, adjective and noun.

From the looks of things Evans mentioned how nervous he was committing to six movies when he initially signed his contract.

He’d already played a Marvel character in the 2000s Fantastic Four movies, but he wasn’t afraid of the Captain America films being bad. “Because if things worked out, I’d have to do all six of them.

CBeebies has been accused of cashing in on 'yummy mummies' after its latest recruit sent middle-aged women into meltdown on social media.

The BBC children's channel enlisted the help of Avengers star Chris Evans to read its latest bedtime story which aired on Wednesday night.

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