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While there has been no statement from Macaulay Culkin to confirm the resemblance, it is obvious from the pictures and images of Jordan Lane Price that she has plenty of attributes that make her look like Mila, though not in the entirety of course.

Though she is not as popular or as busy an actress as Mila is, Jordan Lane Price is also an actress and since she and Macaulay seem to be going steady until now, it seems that they sing beautiful music together.

Shooting to fame as the fresh-faced youngster Kevin Mc Callister in the family Christmas movie, Macaulay was seemingly unable to leave his house after without fans accosting him on the street. "But I know since before we started dating, since I was like 16, I told my dad: 'Just so you know, I don't believe in marriage'. ' "And then at one point I was like, 'I'll get married when gay people are allowed to marry'. Meanwhile, Macaulay recently had to defend his rumoured drug habit, insisting that pictures of him looking gaunt or unhealthy doesn't mean he has a substance abuse problem.

Fans responded in a very abnormal way to him."The Black Swan actress was the tender age of 18 when she started dating the blonde-haired New Yorker, and confessed that despite being together for eight years, she never wanted to get married.

The source revealed, “Mila swears she’s devoted to Ashton and their daughter, but also wants to see Mac thriving.

She appeared in several television series and commercials, before acquiring her first significant role prior to her 15th birthday, playing Jackie Burkhart on the television series That '70s Show.

Since 1999, she has voiced Meg Griffin on the animated series Family Guy.

“Well, we clearly didn’t pay attention and we shook hands like ‘Let’s just have fun’ and literally we lived out our movies.” After rekindling their teenage friendship at an awards show, the Kunis explained she and her husband sought to keep their relationship casual at the beginning given she had not long split with Culkin and Kutcher was recently separated from his wife of six years, Demi Moore.

“We both end up having a lot of talks about how this was a mistake and how he needs to go be single and I need to go be single,” she said.

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